ATTA-Travelife Sustainable Tourism Standard
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Welcome to the ATTA-Travelife Sustainable Tourism Standard

Travelife is a leading training, management and certification initiative for tourism companies committed to reaching sustainability. Operating your business in a socially and environmentally friendly manner makes good business sense!  Both consumer and business demand for responsible products is growing and the public wants to know how you manage your business.

Companies ready to get to work towards sustainability will score better on customer satisfaction, staff motivation and business efficiency with positive effects for their competitive advantage.  Sustainability management is all about commitment and consistent sustainable business practices. This includes your products, how you monitor and manage your impacts, and how you support your suppliers on their road to sustainability.

Travelife for Tour operators

Travelife is a fair and affordable system that helps tour operators and travel agencies to manage and improve social and environmental impacts by complying with sustainability criteria. Ultimately, when a company meets the requirements, it will receive a Travelife award.

To support you on your road to sustainability, Travelife offers a wide range of services which include training, management, planning, reporting and B2B tools. Detailed information can be found under 'Tools'.

The Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) Travelife Partnership

The Association of Thai Travel Agents (ATTA) is the leading Thai tour operator and travel agent association in Thailand. ATTA and Travelife share a strong commitment to a more sustainable Thai travel sector. ATTA wish to encourage their members to improve their sustainability performance and competitive advantage, by developing a sustainability award scheme.

On December 23rd, 2021, ATTA and Travelife signed an MOU on ‘the Introduction of a sustainability training, management and award programme among Thai tour operators and travel agents.’

Under the agreement, ATTA and Travelife have developed this, new, ATTA Branded online sustainability training, planning and reporting platform for ATTA members. The platform is based on the new ATTA-Travelife standard. This 'Step In' standard is relatively simple, to encourage more ATTA members to move towards a more systematic approach towards sustainability in their operations and supply chains.

ATTA members wishing to move further will be able to continue working seamlessly towards the GSTC recognised Travelife Partner and Certified level standards, with the support of Travelife coaches.

If you are an ATTA member, interested to develop your products, people and markets, please sign up!

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